Atmospheric Plasma Solutions

Coating Removal System

Model PB 7000-M

The most advanced coating removal system available


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About PlasmaBlast®

Fast to deploy, simple to operate the portable and rugged PlasmaBlast® 7000-M quickly and safely removes paint, coatings, sealants, and adhesives without damage to the underlying surface. Speed up your job and save money by avoiding the need to set up tarping or containment. Because there is no spent media, there is essentially no clean-up. This tool can get through the toughest and thickest coatings to meet your surface cleaning and preparation requirements.

Unique Advantages

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions: 12" x 14" x 22" 31 cm x 36 cm x 56 cm
Weight: 34 lbs 15.4 kg
Plasma Cable Length: 20 ft 6.1 meters

Electrical Specifications

Input Power 208-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, single-phase or 440-480 VAC, 3-phase
Input Current: 18 Amps, CE-14.5 Amps
Default Plug Type: NEMA L6-30 for 208-240 VAC and NEMA L16-30 for 440-480 VAC
Optional Plug Type: NEMA 16-20, NEMA L14-20, NEMA L14-30, NEMA L15-30 3-phase
Device EMC Status: Class A Group 2
Applicable CE Standards: EN/IEC 61326-1:2013 IEN/IEC 60974-10 IEC/EN 60974-1
Degree of Protection: IP 52

Operating Specifications

Operating Temperature 14°F - 110°F -10°C - 43°C
Operating Humidity <95%, non-condensing
Elevation <10,000 ft <3,000 meters
Operating Sound Level ~90 dBa
Input Compressed Air Pressure 80-100 psi 550kPa-690kPa, 5-7 bar
Burst Pressure 120psi 827kPa, 8 bar
Optimal Input Compressed Air Flow 3.5 CFM 99 SLM

Proven effectiveness on coatings, sealants, and substrates

The PB 7000-M system has been shown effective in removing a wide range of coatings and sealants from a wide variety of substrates. The technology has been validated by Fortune 100 companies and in projects and related contracts with the US Navy, US Air Force, NATO and the Strategic Environmental Research and Development program (SERDP).




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