Atmospheric Plasma Solutions

Our story

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions, Inc. (APS) is a 15-year-old company headquartered in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.  Our mission to be the leading provider of innovative atmospheric plasma solutions for a broad range of emerging applications in defense and commercial markets.

APS has perfected the delivery of plasma at atmospheric pressures using only compressed air and electricity. The company’s flagship PlasmaBlast® precision surface preparation system can remove coatings, clean surfaces and promotes adhesion that results in lower job costs, improves worker safety, and increases environmental safety.   The PlasmaBlast® is a complement to or replacement for abrasive blasting, laser, or water-jetting methods and has been proven to work above and below water.

The company’s systems are in use on 4 continents by customers including, but not limited to, the US Navy, US Army, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and Fortune 100 firms.  Additionally, APS conducts advanced atmospheric plasma research in partnership with private companies, federal agencies, and leading research universities.