Coating Removal

PlasmaBlast ® is the world’s first environmentally responsible, atmospheric plasma delivery system based upon a proprietary PlasmaBeam™ technology that quickly and safely removes industrial polymeric coatings. PlasmaBlast ® eliminates the costs and hazards of using aggressive solvents or abrasives while avoiding the collection, treatment, and disposal of dangerous by-products of coatings removal. PlasmaBlast ® significantly improves productivity when removing paint and other coatings from a wide range of surfaces.

Patented PlasmaBlast ® Paint and Coating Removal Technology

Our PlasmaBlast ® plasma systems generate an air plasma at atmospheric pressure by applying a high frequency electric field to compressed air. The operation of the plasma power supply is optimized for the generation of a cold plasma which maximizes chemical reactivity of the plasma while minimizing heat transfer to the compressed air stream. PlasmaBlast ® technology achieves cold plasma generation without the use of additive gases such as helium or argon which drastically reduces the cost of the coating removal process. Typically the low pressure compressed air source that is already available in most industrial environments is all that is required for a PlasmaBlast ® system to operate.

Atmospheric Plasma Applications

Plasma technology enables a wide range of materials processing options that may otherwise be out of reach, such as a process that previously required costly and dangerous chemicals or high temperatures. Atmospheric Plasma technology further simplifies implementation by eliminating the need for costly vacuum chambers.

APS specializes in systems which electrically produce Atmospheric Plasma, many of which operate in air without the need of specialty gases. The potential applications of such versatile technology is virtually unlimited, from coating removal and surface treatment to plasma catalyzed chemistry and deposition.