Harnessing The Power Of PlasmaBlast

Strips and Preps in One Step

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PlasmaBlast ™ Precision Coating Removal

Removes coatings in minutes, not hours

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PlasmaBlast Lightweight and Portable

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PlasmaBlast Media and Chemical Free

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Atmospheric Plasma Solutions

Strips and Preps in One Step

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions™ is developing the next generation of coating removal solutions for hard-to-remove coatings found in marine, aviation, defense and commercial applications. The PlasmaBlast™ PB-6000 is the world’s first environmentally responsible, atmospheric plasma delivery system based upon a proprietary PlasmaBlast technology that quickly and safely removes paint, sealants, adhesives and other protective coatings from a variety of surfaces.

PlasmaBlast eliminates the costs and hazards of using aggressive solvents or abrasives while removing the need to collect, treat, and dispose of dangerous by-products of coatings removal. PlasmaBlast’s portability and light weight significantly lowers costs and improves productivity when removing paint and other coatings from a wide range of surfaces across a variety of applications.

The Power of PlasmaBlast Video

Solutions for Shipyards and Marine Industries

PlasmaBlast is particularly useful for non-destructive inspection of welds on naval vessels and on piping on off-shore platforms.
  • Effective at removing haze-gray silicone alkyd and copper-loaded anti-fouling coatings from Navy platforms
  • Removes high-performance, silicone-alkyd enamel paints on steel
  • Ideal for removing coatings from inside of steel cargo holds, water tanks and ballast tanks

Solutions for Aviation

PlasmaBlast is effective in removing hard-to-remove coatings, sealants and adhesives used in military, commercial and aerospace industries.
  • Removes coatings and sealants from aircraft fuselage and fuel tanks for maintenance and inspection
  • Removes coatings on aerospace aluminum for non-destructive inspection
  • Removes paint markings and rubber build-up on runways

Solutions for Infrastructure

PlasmaBlast removes coatings on surfaces that cannot be addressed by other means such as by grit blasting or water jetting.
  • Ideal where access is limited, especially in tight spaces like cracks, crevices and joints
  • Prepares pipes for welding without abrasives or chemicals
  • Removes coatings and prepares surfaces in one step



“The use of Atmospheric Plasma as a removal method will revolutionize the world of industrial and commercial coatings. It has been over 25 years since the industry has seen a new process such as this. In our trials, I’m finding the number of applications and problems it will solve to be virtually endless.”

Greg PopeRighter Group