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Atmospheric Plasma Solutions to Receive DoD Funding from the APFIT Program

APFIT aims to transition innovative technologies—with priority given to small businesses. APS will deploy its PlasmaBlast® surface preparation system.

“The award comes at just the right time for our entrepreneurial, small business to get innovative capabilities into the service member’ hands”, comments Scott Meller, CEO of APS.”

— Scott Meller


CARY, NC, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2022 / — The Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Heidi Shyu recently announced awards of their Accelerate the Procurement and Fielding of Innovative Technologies (APFIT) program, selecting Atmospheric Plasma Solutions (APS) for their innovative PlasmaBlast® product. APS is based out of Cary, NC and develops unique solutions and products utilizing atmospheric plasma.

APFIT aims to expeditiously transition technologies—with priority given to those developed by small businesses and/or nontraditional defense contractors—from pilot programs, prototype projects, and research projects into production. APS was selected to begin deployment of its unique PlasmaBlast® system which is a precision surface preparation system for coating removal, cleaning, and adhesion promotion.

The system improves small-scale coating removal operations required for shipbuilding and naval maintenance. With legacy technologies—such as grinders, needle-guns, and hand tools—coating removal is time-consuming, poses potential hazards to maintainers’ health, and possible damage to the substrate. The PlasmaBlast® 7000-M system accelerates small-scale coating removal operations without these negative effects.

The field-deployable, portable unit, PlasmaBlast® , requires only compressed air and electricity to remove coatings, clean surfaces, and promote adhesion. It operates by generating a “cold” plasma beam to vaporize paints, sealants, and epoxies. The process converts a significant portion of the removed organic coating into water vapor and carbon dioxide, leaving a small volume of solids that can be safely collected with a vacuum. Testing coordinated by NAVSEA 05 documented that this method does not cause changes to the substrate metallurgy.

PlasmaBlast® complements, or replaces, abrasive blasting, laser, or water-jetting methods for DOD applications and has been proven to work above and below water. This system has been used effectively across a wide range of substrates, coating types, and removal conditions. Chemical-free, it is safer for maintainers, environmentally friendly, requires minimal containment/clean-up, and can significantly reduce job costs. It has wide market applications including industrial maintenance and remediation activities, civil structure inspection and corrosion prevention, electronic and semiconductor packaging, and medical coatings.

“We are honored to receive the award funding from the APFIT program which will accelerate deployment of our system into the hands of Navy personnel and enhance readiness and sustainment of our military. The award comes at just the right time for our entrepreneurial, small business to get innovative capabilities into the service member’ hands, comments Scott Meller, CEO of APS. “Our product will be deployed into all the public shipyards. Expansion is planned for transition across all branches of the DoD, into private shipyards and commercial industry.

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