Atmospheric Plasma Solutions Closes its Series-A Round of Financing

Funds to be used to complete the design and development work on its first commercial precision coating removal system…

March 1, 2017 – Atmospheric Plasma Solutions (APS) has concluded its Series-A round of funding. This round of funding supports the continued development and commercialization of the PlasmaBlast™ atmospheric plasma coating removal (APCR) system. PlasmaBlast quickly and safely removes hard-to-remove protective coatings and sealants found in marine, aviation, defense and commercial applications. The funds were raised through internal efforts, and officially closed on February 28, 2017.

The Series-A investment round allows APS to complete the design and development work on its first commercial APCR systems. These next-generation plasma systems offer a significant advancement in coating removal technology, offering precision coating removal on surfaces that cannot be addressed by other means, such as by grit blasting or water jetting. The systems are particularly useful for non-destructive inspection applications and weld preparation on steel ships and oil/gas pipelines. Further applications include the removal of sealants around joints and fasteners in aircraft.

APS has been developing its APCR precision blasting technology for almost a decade. From the time it was first investigated at NC State University, APS has worked closely with the US Navy and Air Force as well as other commercial and government partners to refine and tune the technology into a commercial product.

David LaVance, Chief Business Officer of APS, and member of the Board of Directors, observed: “We believe that over the next few years, precision blasting using atmospheric plasma will become a common method for fighting corrosion in aircraft, ships at sea, and other transport methods.”

About Atmospheric Plasma Solutions
Atmospheric Plasma Solutions (APS) is developing the next generation of coating removal solutions for hard-to-remove coatings found in marine, aviation, defense and commercial applications. For the past 10 years, APS has perfected the delivery of plasma at atmospheric pressures using only compressed air and electricity. The atmospheric plasma coating removal (APCR) process converts most protective coatings and sealants into harmless gases that are safely vacuumed away. The company’s flagship PlasmaBlast™ precision coating removal system reduces job costs, provides a safer work environment and is more environmentally friendly than traditional grit blasting or water jetting methods. For more information, visit