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Atmospheric Plasma Solutions (APS) offers a tremendous opportunity to join a fast-growing company bringing to market unique products using our patented technology. We are an established and well-funded start-up in the scale up phase of growth. Our innovative Atmospheric Plasma Coating Removal systems are already being used on 4 continents by US and Allied Nations Departments of Defense, by major universities and Fortune 200 clients. You will be working with cutting edge technology for industrial and military applications as part of a small, nimble, innovative team.

The APS management team is seeking a mid-level Software Engineer. You will design and validate embedded software for specialized equipment in industrial and government applications. This will include plasma power supplies for surface etching, air filtration, semiconductor industry and food processing. Power generators need to detect and rapidly adapt to changing plasma states. You will develop embedded real time, HMI and data acquisition software controlling switching power generators. This software will extract information from sensors using digital signal processing and implement process control functions. The software will detect faults and execute a graceful shutdown if faults are detected. The ability to program in C using a simple RTOS is required as is use of common IDEs. We prefer candidates who have experience with M7, SOC peripherals, multilayer bus systems and use of cache and multi-port memory with DMA. Also the abilities to read and modify Cortex assembly code and a knowledge of switching power generation is a plus.

Our market success means we need a Manager of Sales and Business Development who  will be leading the success of Atmospheric Plasma Solutions in selling solutions to industrial customers who will benefit from a new innovation. This job is fundamentally about selling products and achieving customer success. This will require sales prospecting, face to face selling, closing and post-sale support f large, medium and small accounts. The Sales Manager will participate alongside the executive team in business development and will help set the strategic sales plan. This role will closely interact with our R&D, Engineering and Production departments.