Atmospheric Plasma Solutions

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions wins 2019 CTMA Technology Competition

June 4, 2019


The CTMA Technology Competition is a popular way to introduce the Department of Defense (DoD) to innovative maintenance and sustainment technologies and keep a pipeline of ideas flowing. The 2019 CTMA Technology Competition took place in conjunction with the CTMA Partners Meeting held at FRCSW. Over 40 companies submitted their innovative maintenance and sustainment technology abstracts with six finalists selected to present to a panel of judges during a “shark tank” presentation.

Each finalist had 10 minutes to present their technologies with an additional five minutes for questions from the panel of judges.

The Atmospheric Plasma Coating Removal presentation not only impressed the judges but will also be awarded $50,000 in funding and will participate in a one-year project.

“Readiness and sustainment fit with my company’s mission,” says Glenn Astolfi, President, Atmospheric Plasma Solutions. “I’ve seen maintenance artisans in the shipyard actually spitting grit and rubbing their arms in discomfort. Our technology will improve the quality of their lives and helps with productivity of ship sustainment. I was thrilled and proud to have the opportunity to tell Atmospheric Plasma Solution’s story. Our founder and Chief Technology Officer Peter Yancey’s technology solutions cover so many maintenance touchpoints such as safety, environmental, productivity, and value.”

The six finalists and their technologies were: Atmospheric Plasma Solutions, Inc. – Atmospheric Plasma Coating Removal; BotFactory, Inc. – BotFactor: Desktop Electronics Printing & Assembly; Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence – Hexagon Composite Inspection System; MELD Manufacturing Corporation – MELD: A Novel Solid-State Technology for Sustainment; PTC – Vuforia Augmented Reality; United States Marine Corps – T-Glass.